I'm happy 2night

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I'm happy 2night

Post  skeeteR on Sat Mar 23, 2013 12:16 am

We have finally overcome 2 of the most annoying, game breaking issues I've encountered.

1. random telports over the ocean/coast = FIXED

2. tents not saving past next restart, tents duping items (confirmed fixed on new tents) = FIXED

*Still need to wait and check the existing tents later tonight/tomorrow morning, to confirm they are no longer duping items (only part of this fix I did not test). I can say 100 percent that the new placed tents will not dupe. I tested this so many different ways on test server.

I wanted these issues resolved, It bothered me each time 1 of you would get Tp'd to the coast, or a new player would find a tent, place it, and come back next day to see it deleted.

So as the title states, I'm happy. (for now Razz)

Thanks to all the members of this community for sticking with me.
talk to u all soon

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