recent changes, nothing 2 significant

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recent changes, nothing 2 significant

Post  skeeteR on Mon Mar 04, 2013 1:39 am

Still a few tweaks needed for a complete night of brightness. Was able to totally remove the clouds that were blocking the moon.

Moon was perfect until a few minutes ago (11:31 pm)
now its went below the horizon, I WONT GIVE UP on this Evil or Very Mad

lol, after messing around with this so much I'm getting closer every time.

The trick is finding the perfect real life date. Then using that date for a static setting.
Still have a few good choices to pick from, using a moon cycle calendar. Trial and error.

So if you happen to log on after 11:30 pm, it may not be very bright. Before 11:30 was cheers

anyway, felt I should let everyone know. Since thats all I've been talking about today (I'll admit it consumed me LOL)

goodnight, cya all later

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