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Post  Not in the Face on Wed Dec 26, 2012 5:30 am

Hello All,

My brother "Captain Lars", my nephew "Acer" and another nephew "Zombieface" are playing this game as a holiday diversion from our usual pursuits.

This server has been fantastic, I scouted a lot of servers to find one that we could enjoy the game on, and this has been the only enjoyable one so far. I could go on with bad experiences about 10 other servers, and that was only over the span of playing a few hours.

Everyone seems very reasonable, and are good enough to not shoot on sight, but also enough of an unknown to be scary and to cause us panic when we see a non zombie. Everyone for the most part has either scared us or left us alone, which is perfect. This allows us to explore the game and help each other as we crawl across chenarus looking for the better vehicle and bigger gun.

Thanks very much to the owners for creating this environment, and thank you to the obviously vigilant admins. I will recommend this server to like minded players.

- "Not in the Face"

Not in the Face
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The Stalking Dead Empty :)

Post  skeeteR on Wed Dec 26, 2012 4:09 pm

Not in the face,
Im very happy you are enjoying yourself. That is our main goal here. We want everyone to have fun, have a chance at a vehicle, and get to enjoy the game. Your correct, the admins keep close watch, we dont want hackers/cheaters to ruin anyones experience here. So if you ever have any problems, please post here so we can help you out.

Very Happy

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