*Workaround* Kicked For Public Restriction (Temporary Issue)

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*Workaround* Kicked For Public Restriction (Temporary Issue)

Post  Traumahead on Tue Jul 02, 2013 6:59 pm

To anyone who has been kicked due to a "public restriction". I PMed skeeter and this was the response I got.

skeeteR wrote:
It's part of our antihack

when we were private i removed this part.  but while public its way too effective not to use

all hack menus use these hotkeys (long list) insert, delete, tab F1 F2, etc etc.  i have them all set to kick as soon as they are pressed.

(i constantly check and when they switch to a new hotkey.....i add it to antihack)

for example.  it stopped 5 diff. people from hacking today.  and then i was able to ban them when i got home.  they can;t do anyhting if they can;t open their menu

so w/e you have hotkey'd to that key, play around and find a key that does not kick......and assign it to that.

when we go back to being private......i'll ease up on the hotkey kicks

/bigsmile /bigsmile /bigsmile /bigsmile /bigsmile /bigsmile 

its fun stopping them before they can even open their menus  (snagged 5 today)  Razz

TL;DR: If you get kicked for pushing some sort of alternate key, remap the key to a letter or something.
The most common example probably being "insert" to bring up the debug menu. Also, this sounds like it'll be a temporary issue for duration of our server being public

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Re: *Workaround* Kicked For Public Restriction (Temporary Issue)

Post  skeeteR on Tue Jul 02, 2013 7:05 pm

thnx for posting trauma

i feel bad when i see people getting kicked for it all the time.

been trying to run some messages ingame, but not as much as needed for everyone to see.

dont want anyone kicking themselves while flying a heli Crying or Very sad 

its nice having the new debug as a scroll option, then you dont have to worry about anything. but i know ppl use hotkeys for all other things. sorry to make people change them. but as the above post says, its working very well to keep the place secure

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