Whats happens when i get my hopes up....

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Whats happens when i get my hopes up....

Post  Cloak on Fri Jun 14, 2013 6:20 pm

Welll..... this kinda sucks for me Razz. I was playing earlier, and managed to get the the North West air field and , i found 2 planes( not really someone who was on told me about them but still) i logged off to practice my skills at flying again. logged back in started up my first plane and......(builds up speed)..... CRASH. crashes into the building at the end off the field( it wouldn't build up enough speed)but lucky for me i ejected, lost alot of blood and bleeding so i bandage up and run to the next plane.I have plenty of room to take off with this one so im confident ill get to fly to the other air field (my Dayz dream: fly a plane from one air field to the other) and i build up speed, start to take off, then i suddenly lose speed and i get kicked...... not sure why....just got kicked........ when i spawn in again, the plane has blown up, even though it was losing speed at a low rate and altitude, other plane is stuck on a bunch of buildings.... and im bleeding to death....... thats why i should never get my hopes up in Dayz.....Cause they will get crushed for trying to fly a plane.....
(just so you know im not complaining, just relating how my perfect chance at a goal was crushed because i glitched or lagged out Razz)
I just whated to post this cause i was bored and hoped this might make some plp laugh at my failure.
So yeah.
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Re: Whats happens when i get my hopes up....

Post  skeeteR on Fri Jun 14, 2013 6:43 pm

for the next lil while,  we all need to laugh some.  or else we will just rage out.

just remember, once we get this place stable again.  I will help get anything returned that was lost to bugs, glitchs, random BE kicks

blood will be spill't while trying to find and identify all the problems.  all i can do is promise your deaths will not be in vain.  everytime you die......but discover/report a bug, its another step closer to getting everything stabilized again. 


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