Read before requesting lost items

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Read before requesting lost items

Post  skeeteR on Sun Jan 13, 2013 1:49 pm

I'm very proud to say that all of the "reported hacking" post in this section are from when the server was public. Ever since we became a password protected community, nobody has had to report any lost gear from hackers Very Happy

Before you request lost items, please be sure you are correct on what you had before the attack. I will check logs to make sure request are correct. Sometimes it will be a day or 2 later, because it takes time to go through all the walls of text.

So please just be honest, and there won't be any problems, I'm here to help and make you dayZ experience as enjoyable as I can. Very Happy

For people who request high end gear that they actually never had..........I will strip your gear for 1st offense. 2nd offense will result in a temporary ban from the server.

So far this has not happened, hopefully I never have to do any of those things. <3 you all!!!


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