Automated announced game item spawns

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Automated announced game item spawns

Post  Gambit2 on Wed Mar 27, 2013 8:32 am

Automated announced game item spawns.

This is a suggestion to draw players to curtain areas of the map and hopefully populate the server.

Wasteland has this feature and spawns items that are incredibly desired by players like tanks and such.
(I'm not recommending having items like tanks in dayz as part of this thread).

My suggestion is to have this feature but at a limited frequency

My suggestion would be to increase the chance of automated announced spawned items when less players are in the server but Items like loot food water ammo other items could spawn with a limited chance. (Getting players to populate the server keeping them entertained when few are on).

More people on the server would decrease the chance of the an automated spawn but the chances of a more desirable items could spawn like weapons, unspawned vehicles (ones that have been damaged and removed from the server) again less desirable items could spawn but with a limited chance. (still keeping people entertained but the more players the more we can entertain our selves and limit the chances of flooding the server with rare items).

The spawns would be placed in the usual places they spawn but announced apart from vehicles as they could be too predictable like helis. Items like Food spawns could be spawned in as multiples.

I know this would be a complicated script and this just a suggestion.

I'd love this game to have the ability of placing notes for other players as this concept (the above suggestion) would be more feasible in a zombie apocalypse people leaving notes for loved ones directing them so they could find items enabling them to survive , bandits leaving them as a trap and heroes just because they want to be heroes Smile

Items would disappear after a set period (i'm not sure on how long to suggest) vehicles would remain but no longer announced.

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Re: Automated announced game item spawns

Post  Black Bandit on Wed Mar 27, 2013 8:36 am

Also please no.
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