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The bandits have a civilian hostage in a building and have an aks74-kobra and revolver with 4 mags and 4 bandage and 3 mags for the akm and the heros have an m4al cco with m1911 and 4 mags and 4 bandages and 3 mags for the m4a1 and the heros have to rescue the hostage before 10 minutes runs up and the bandits kill the hostage and get him to the rally point were the heli comes to pick them up and take them to safety and the bandits have to try to keep the hostage alive and defend from the heros so the ten minutes runs out and they can kill the hostage. the hostage must do what the bandits or heros say when they have them in. winner gets a m4a3 cco or whatever the host decides

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